A World of Balloons—A Childhood Dream

Think back. Many years.  All the way back to your childhood.  What is one thing that you remember about every birthday party you ever attended as a child? Perhaps you have a child or a niece or nephew.  Can you think of one consistent decoration you will find at every party?


Apparently there is something about Right Choice Children’s Entertainment balloons Toronto that children cannot seem to deny.  But why is that?  Why do kids like these simple, latex inflatables so darned much?

Well, perhaps that is the answer; or, at least, one of the answers.  Maybe kids are fascinated with the fact that balloons start so small and floppy and then expand to become near solids.  But while they look like solids—the size of large rocks!–they are just as light as a feather!  Yes, balloons will float through the air, manipulated by breeze and breath. Unless, of course, they are filled with helium—in which case they will attempt to float away, high into the stratosphere.

 Make sure you keep them tethered with ribbon or string!

But that can’t be the only reason kids love balloons, right?  There must be other reasons.  Indeed, it might be that children love how balloons can come in a variety of colors and, perhaps more importantly, that you can draw on the surface with markers or paint.  Kids do love markers and paint!

This might be a little obscure but one of the fun things I remember about balloons was blowing into them and then squeezing the opening to make whistling sounds. Furthermore, I remember manipulating that little opening to make sounds of different pitches. Sure, it’s not the flute or the saxophone, but for a child with very little breath control and manual dexterity, this is a fun way to make something that somewhat resembles music.

Oh, and one more thing.  Some balloons are designed to hold water.  And water balloons are a lot of fun during hot summer months.  Kids will chase each other and throw water balloons like harmless liquid grenades. It’s a great way to play and to stay cool!

Make sure you include balloons in your son or daughter or niece or nephew’s next birthday party. It will surely please everyone big and small, young and old.