Five Tips for Planning Your Child’s Birthday Party

Everyone wants their child to have the perfect birthday party, but what constitutes the perfect party will often depend on the child’s age. A baby or toddler isn’t expecting anything too extravagant and, at that age, the party is more about the parent’s celebration of their child. Here are five tips you can use to help you plan a great party for your child.

Inviting Young Guests

Although you can hire a party planner for the event, most children won’t care how many guests are on the list as long as it includes their closest friends. For babies and toddlers, you can have close friends and family come to the event to make it easier on you.

Party Supplies

 When scheduling the party, hold it between 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. to avoid most children’s naptimes. Make sure to include the beginning and end time for the party so you don’t have guests lingering all day. When writing the invitations, allow your toddler to help by adding stickers to each one.

Party Themes

Of course you will want your child’s input on their birthday party theme, but try to keep the planning modest and nix anything too elaborate. Most children are happy with simple decorations from their favourite film. For instance, you could buy Frozen party supplies to decorate with and suggest that the guests dress up as their favourite character to make the party even more fun.

Receiving Gifts

To make it easier on parents of the guests – who may not have a clue as to what your child would want for their birthday – make suggestions of books, toys, or clothing that your child likes or that you want them to have. Assign a maximum dollar amount so no one buys anything too expensive to try to outdo everyone else’s gift.


Consider having your child wait to open gifts until everyone goes home, especially if they are younger, so you can avoid jealous toddlers. Make sure you take note of who brought what so you can thank them for the gift when you send out thank you cards.

Party Food

Depending on the age of your child, you may want to serve something along with the cake. Try to be creative when it comes to the snacks, such as making snowmen made from mozzarella cheese with pretzels for arms that look like Olaf, in keeping with the Frozen theme. If parents are present with their small children, include adult snacks so they have something to eat as well.


Group Games

You will want to keep younger children occupied throughout the party by playing games, but pick games that the parents can participate in as well. This way everyone at the party will have fun and not have time to get bored or get into some sort of mischief.


With these tips, you can throw a memorable party for your young child. Be sure when you send out invitations to have guests RSVP so you know how many children and adults will be in attendance, so you can have enough food for everyone.