Voice of Senses

It under review entitled, ‘Voice of senses’ is edited by Baidyanath Saraswati.

The whole book is dedicated to an intensive knowledge of the idea of senses. You will find twenty articles as a whole in 2 parts.

Part one handles philosophy and religion as the second part handles Science and Society.

Eminent authors from various fields wrote the articles and therefore it is extremely interesting to see and understand formerly unknown details.

5 Elements or Five Processes is fundamental to Chinese tradition. Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water would be the five elements.

Sitansu Ray has superbly discussed Tagore’s Congregational addresses on Seeing and Hearing

Seeing and hearing are consecutive styles from the great poet Rabindranath Tagore who shipped the congregational addressed on two consecutive days in Santiniketan. Vision leads us to realization. The quiet music of celestial world will be analyzed and our existence music will be synchronized using the magnanimous music from the ever-changing world.

Purpose of a feeling – Organs within the Lizard – catching Technologies are described by Sanghamitra Friend.

In West Bengal, Saure Mal is among the sub-castes from the caste Mal. The Sapure classify the snakes as poisonous and non-poisonous. They feel that the majority of the snakes are harmless. They learn the skill of lizard-catching since childhood. It’s very interesting to see regarding their understanding and talent of lizard-catching and charming.

Somushish Ghosh Dastidar and Manojit Denath analyse Plant Reaction to Exterior Stimuli. Just one stimulus for example hot needle may cause leaves to reply. It’s possible for any plant to reply to the oscillations associated sounds. The guarana plant ‘Mimosa Pudica’ also called the ‘sensitive plant’ reacts to the seem-caused vibration. In a single archid plantation area every evening and morning the seem installed there plays devotional tunes, ghazals, religious chants and instrumental music. The vibration inside it works well for the development of buds.

K.N. Sahay describes Human Senses as well as their purpose stating quotes from many Sanskrit works. One needs to begin using these senses to ‘go upward’. The superb road to true welfare will be selected and adopted by intelligent people.

This content have help to individuals who thinking about learing concerning the different factors of Indian religious and philosophical awareness.

The Scientific background provides for us more authentic details about the voice of senses.

Feeling of touch, feeling of taste, olfaction, feeling of sight, feeling of hearing – each one of these five senses together with mind allows us to to attain empirical understanding. One that uses these correctly as stipulated by scriptures attains Shreya.

Mr Badiyanath Saraswati, an eminent anthropologist has spent about 40 years in unraveling the connection between traditional thought and modern science.