Who Sings For the Stars? Backing Vocalists Uncovered!

Are you currently a musician or aspiring to be one? You might want to add a vocalist from Supreme Tracks to your plan. Here is why; you probably idolize the world’s greatest singers like Beyonce and Rihanna. I mean, we all love their amazing voices. In fact, if my experience as a pro recording artist has taught me anything it is that most musicians usually try to emulate established ones. That comes naturally and at times subconsciously because we look at them as role models and sources of inspiration. Having said that, let me let you in on a little secret; most of these big music sensations rely a great deal on vocalists in order to make the kind of music they do. Remember Rihanna’s “FourFiveSeconds”? The vocals were done by Wilson Phillips! (http://www.billboard.com/articles/news/6517041/carnie-wilson-on-wilson-phillips-singing-backup-fourfiveseconds-rihanna) And of course, many people know that The Mamas do backup vocals for most of Beyonce’s music (http://www.musictimes.com/articles/3039/20131226/beyonc%C3%A9s-backup-singers-mamas-talk-what-working-superstar.htm).

Who Sings For the Stars

You might not have the kind of resources that Beyonce and Rihanna have but you definitely have an equally great opportunity in the form of online recording studios like Supreme Tracks (https://www.supremetracks.com/). The studio offers a variety of online music recording services including backing vocalists.

Why You Might Need Vocalists

Backing vocalists play so many roles. All in all, whatever contributions they make must add quality to your music. Below are some of the benefits of having backing vocals:

* Harmonization

Backing vocalists create a harmony that is so amazing. Harmonizing a song (or part) gives it an emotional appeal that will definitely capture the hearts of your audience. The trick here is to ensure that the harmony is in-tune; otherwise, the resultant music might become irritating to listeners (http://www.musicademy.com/2010/04/top-10-dos-and-donts-backing-vocalists/).

* Choral singing

When you have two or three backing vocalists, you can incorporate choir-like singing in your song. Contemporary worship songs are synonymous with choral singing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it in other genres. In fact, as a pro recording artist, I can comfortably say that choruses make very great hooks for pretty much any type of music. However, not every song is suited by a chorus so make sure yours is before you bring in backing vocalists to do one.

* Listening and correcting

Backing vocalists listen to each other and to the lead singer as they sing (http://www.efuusor.com/index.php/the-role-of-a-backing-vocalist/). That practice comes with an advantage because they can hear and correct such things as tone and volume and thus make the whole song even. Although some of these corrections can be done during the mastering phase, the song will sound much better when backing vocals identify and correct them during the recording phase.

Features of a Good Vocalist

Now that you know why you need backing vocalists it is equally important to know how to choose them. Most of the considerations are pretty much the same whether you are choosing only one vocalist or a number of them.

#1: Blending: choose a backup vocalist who can follow your flow and maintain a consistent volume all through the song. Basically, someone should think that there is only one voice singing otherwise the vocalist can compromise the quality of your own voice .

#2: Learning: the vocalist should be quick to learn your music. In a studio environment (whether online or physical), you are likely to be charged depending on the amount of work that the production team will have to handle or on a time basis. The last thing you want is to spend most of your time teaching vocalists your music rather than recording and saving time and money.

#3: Team player: make sure your vocalist can work effectively in a team. In fact, he/she will be required to follow the directions of the lead singer or the production team so as to blend the different keys and voices smoothly.

#4: Knowledgeable: a vocalist who knows what he/she is doing is better than one who doesn’t. Sure there’s always room for learning but when you are working with an online studio like Supreme Tracks (https://www.supremetracks.com) you might not have the time or resources. Therefore, get a vocalist who won’t lengthen every note, overuse vibrato or keep coming in late (http://www.musicademy.com/2010/04/top-10-dos-and-donts-backing-vocalists/).

#5: Not a wannabe: finally, a good backup vocalist is not one who will try to upstage you on your own project regardless of whether he/she has a better voice or understanding of music .

Benefits of Hiring Vocalists

They are professionals
All our vocalists are experts and always professional in what they do. We have lead and backing vocals who can also create melodies and compose lyrics for you if you need them to. They are also ideal for every genre of music.

Affordable rates
All our vocalists are very affordable despite the fact that they offer similar services to established artists. Therefore, by hiring them you will be using the same quality of input as well-known musicians but at a fairly low price.

Quality guaranteed
We are a professional recording studio that does not compromise on quality whatsoever. As a matter of fact, we have 100% money-back guarantee on your first project as proof that we only offer the best vocalists.

Variety of services under one roof
We also offer extra recording services other than backup vocals. Simply state your need and we will work with you to ensure that your song is top-notch. Please note that everything we do comes with professional studio quality.

Very simple procedure
Our online collaboration process is very easy. Simply send your demo and then choose your preferred vocalist from our site. After that, you will get a custom quotation, after which we will do the recording in our studio. You will preview the recorded tracks and either approve or request for modification. We will correct it as specified and then send you the final multitrack files in downloadable formats.