Why You Should Consider Recording on Vinyl

Even though the vast majority of music and voice albums are recorded digitally and offered for sale through online companies, vinyl albums are experiencing a resurgence. Vinyl albums are needed by DJs, and many purists prefer listening to their favourite music in this format. In order to offer your music on vinyl, you need to find and hire experienced engineers who are familiar with the format.

shihad  Why Vinyl Is Preferred

Even though many of today’s youth are unfamiliar with the format, vinyl albums are becoming more popular as young people are introduced to them. The main reason people prefer this format is because many claim that the music sounds better. Instead of needing to be compressed to fit on digital players or mobile phones, music recorded on vinyl sounds warmer and richer than on an MP3 player.


In addition, many DJs want vinyl versions of new music to play at clubs or for their private gigs. They simply cannot ‘scratch’ with digital music or create unique mixes on the spot without vinyl records. If your band or style of music is hip hop or R&B, then you will want to make sure you work with an engineering service that offers vinyl mastering.

It Allows You to Make Money

When your music is offered on services like iTunes, you don’t actually own the music on that format because you are licencing it. However, if your music is recorded on vinyl, then you own all the rights to it if it is under your own recording label. While you may pay more for having vinyl albums printed, you will end up making more money, so you are investing in your own future.

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Format Knowledge

An engineer who masters music for digital formats for services like iTunes may not be familiar with working with vinyl. It is important that you find a company that is familiar and experienced with formatting music or voice recordings for vinyl, because it requires a different level of expertise. When you play vinyl at a louder volume, more bass will be needed to ensure that the recording sounds good and can be projected throughout the room.

The engineer also needs to know the different album sizes for vinyl, so they can correctly edit the recording to fit the format. Vinyl recordings are usually offered as 12 inch or seven-inch singles or albums, referred to as LPs, so the engineer needs to know which size will be more appropriate for your recording. This allows you to record extended versions of hit singles, or DJs can create long mixes to play in clubs or at events for which they are hired.

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If you are considering recording your music on vinyl, you will want to find a sound engineering company that can offer both digital and vinyl options to you. This will allow you to expand your audience by offering your music online and on vinyl at your gigs or in record stores so you can make more money